Dang Snacks


Dang Snacks

Identity | Packaging | Illustration

Dang is an Asian-inspired natural snack brand, the original coconut chip company, and the leader in their category. With fast-follower coconut chip brands emerging and healthy snacking trends on the rise, Dang needed a new visual identity and a packaging refresh that would entice and excite consumers, taking them on a journey to try street food in Thailand.

Designed at Hatch | Creative Director: Nicole Flores


Dang's redesign is rooted in geometric simplicity inspired by both its Thai heritage and by the simple, whole foods used in the snacks. The roundness of the logo is a nod to the circular patterns found in Thai letterforms. The ingredient illustrations are also circlular to evoke a feeling of rounded wellness.


Color is used strategically to differentiate between products. The richer the color of the pack, the more flavor-forward the product; the lightly sweetened coconut chips have bright pastel backgrounds, while savory onion chips utilize deeper toned backgrounds.


Dang still handcrafts each batch of chips. To highlight that authenticity, hand-written type and illustrations are used throughout the system. This adds an emotional and joyful element to the pack, and amplifies the experience of snacking for the consumer.